Design and code are the two mediums I use. I believe design should make you think more clearly, feel more deeply, and behave more responsibly. And I like to apply this to meaningful projects.

I'm a designer and frontend developer at 18F. Besides making the stuff you see on the page, I've also grown deeply interested in design systems, accessiblity, and designing and building for everyone.

Before 18F, I was a Code for America fellow partnered with the City of San Antonio, where I worked with city officials to develop a web application to renovate housing safely and efficiently. I've also designed and developed websites for startups, the healthcare industry, and non-profit organizations. I have a degree in Art History from UCLA.

I’m passionate about making the world a better place and welcome the new challenge in government technology, which is bound by decades of history and regulations, to make something that's simple, intuitive, and helps people. That to me is the best part.

I'm working on the U.S. Web Design System, a design system for the federal government helping create consistent, easy to use, and accessible federal government websites.



Things I do

  • Design systems
  • Front-end development
  • Accessibility
  • Open source tech
  • Community building
  • Civic technology
  • Design for the public good
  • Inclusive design
  • Art and code