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Los Angeles Coronavirus Cases

Source: May 1, 2020 News Release, LA Public Health





Google Spreadsheet Data

LA neighborhood cases

LA neighborhood rate

*These numbers are subject to change based on further investigation.

This table includes Pasadena and Long Beach which are part of LA County, but outside of LA City.

This uses LA County language. “Total” implies that we know the full extent of the problem, but it’s limited to tests administered. “Positive tests” or “cumulative cases” would be more accurate.

Always check with trusted sources for the latest accurate information about novel coronavirus:


California Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response (CA.gov)

Data update cadence

Data will be refreshed manually at least every few days and will try for every day. If I can find a reliably updating data source to pull from or automate this, I will use switch to using that. Reach out or contribute to updating the data.

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