My Head Hurts

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My Head Hurts is an online community and storytelling platform devoted to sharing people’s stories about head injuries.

Founded by former UCLA MVP football player, Patrick Larimore, who had to retire from football after having sustained at least seven concussions. His story went viral and was featured in ESPN among other sports news outlets. As a result, Larimore attracted a bit of a movement – people from all around the world began to write to him in order to share their stories of injury and struggle. “We need a place for this” – he thought.

Together with verynice and the Larimore family, we created MyHeadHurts, a social network and storytelling platform for victims of severe head injury to convene and support one another. I led web development and WordPress CMS integration. The site is fully responsive, and includes social login capabilities as well as a custom implementation of a forum based on the muut platform. So far the site has attracted press from across the nation and membership is growing steadily.

Studio credits: verynice

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